Post-election Analysis


On November 11, 2020, the President of the Constitutional Council of Algeria, Kamal Feniche, solemnly proclaimed the results of the Constitutional Referendum held on November 1, 2020. According to this same proclamation, the constitutional revision text would have been approved upon obtaining 66.8% of the votes with a record minimum participation of 23.84%. Less than 3.5million voters out of a population that already exceeds 40 million (42 million), not counting the large diaspora abroad, would have ratified the constitutional modification (only 8.3% of the country). As striking as the minuscule voter participation numbers are, more so was the official error made in the official promulgation of the data, since according to them, the percentage obtained from registered votes is not 23.84% but 23.14%.

Results of the Constitutional Referendum of November 1, 2020

Number of registered voters nationwide: 23,559,320

Number of registered voters including those residing abroad: 24,466,618

Number of valid votes at the national level: 5,616,481

Total number of valid votes including those residing abroad: 5,661,551

Participation rate: 23.84% ...... 23.14% (in reality)

Blank and invalid votes: 637,308

Total number of valid votes: 5,024,239

Number of affirmative votes: 3,356,091, that is, 6 6.80%

Number of negative votes: 1,668,148, that is, 33.20%

Source: Constitutional Council of Algeria, November 11, 2020