FFC components launch nominations for Sudan's transitional parliament

Sudan Tribune
Publication date: 
Dec 02 2020

Political forces affiliated with the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) ruling coalition begin to nominate their representatives in the Transitional Legislative Council (TLC) which would be established in coming weeks.

The transitional parliament is to be formed of 300 lawmakers. 165 chosen by the FFC, 75 nominated by the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, while the remaining 60 seats will go to the political forces that did not sign the FFC Declaration but support the revolution.

FFC officials told the Sudan Tribune on Wednesday that the coalition’s members began nominating their representatives to the Parliament.

They said the FFC reached a preliminary agreement to grant 15 seats to the Sudan Call group and a similar number of seats to the National Consensus Forces, 12 to the Sudanese Professionals Association, 6 seats for each of the Unionist Alliance and the Civic Forces Alliance, while the Nida Al Wasat (Call of the Centre) bloc and the Republican Party are represented in Parliament with two seats each.

Earlier, the "freedom and calibration" forces agreed that 107 seats be nominated by its branches in the 18 Sudanese states.

The seats of the Resistance Committees will be within the Khartoum state quota. The coalition will hold another meeting next Friday to discuss the TLC’s nominations.

Establishing the transitional parliament is a major step in the transition, but it has been delayed by the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) which asked to await the end of the peace talks which lasted for 13 months.


Source: https://sudantribune.com/spip.php?article70175