Minister: Over 66,000 Polling Stations Ready for Iranian Voters

Fars News Agency
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19 Mayo 2013

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian voters will go to over 66,000 polling stations inside and outside the country on June 14 to elect their next president, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar announced on Sunday.

Speaking at the end of a session of the central executive committee of the elections here in Tehran today, Mohammad Najjar said that his ministry is fully prepared to hold the election and has set up 1040 executive committees for the upcoming elections throughout the country.

"The preparation of over 66,000 polling stations inside the country and 285 polling stations abroad are underway to collect people's vote in a massive and energetic turnout (that they will have) on Khordad 24 (June 14)," Najjar stated.

He added that the country's Guardian Council (GC) will release the list of eligible candidates after vetting the presidential hopefuls comes to an end on Tuesday and candidates will officially start election campaigning 48 hours later up to June 13,  that is 24 hours before the start of the election.

The 11th round of the presidential election and the 4th round of Islamic City and Village Councils election will be held in Iran on June 14.

On May 16, Spokesman of Iran's Guardian Council (GC) Abbas Ali Kadkhodayee announced that the council has extended the deadline for vetting the presidential hopefuls for five more days.

"The Guardian Council will have until May 21 to announce the final list of the approved candidates," Kadkhodayee said.

Under Iran's Election Law, the Guardian Council, the body responsible for vetting hopefuls, is required to announce the list of approved hopefuls within five days after the end of registration. This period can be extended for another five days if necessary.

After the vetting process is complete, the 12-member supervisory body will release the final list of candidates to the Interior Ministry, which will then publicize it.

The registration for Iran's 11th presidential election ended on May 11, with some 686 individuals having signed up for the vote.