Rally of Algerian Hope / TAJ

  • Name: تاج / Tadjamou Amel El Djazaïr (Arabic), Rassemblement Espoir de l'Algérie (French), Rally of Algerian Hope (English). Commonly known simply as TAJ.
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Ideology: Nationalist, Islamist
  • Current leader & function:  Amar Ghoul (president)
  • Number of seats in parliament (lower house): TAJ did not exist at time of 2012 elections, but through the changing allegiances of dozens of MPs elected on other party tickets had already by year end formed one of the largest groups in parliament.
  • Currently in government or in opposition: In government
  • Legal status: Legal political party
  • Link to official party website: http://www.amarghoul.org/ Personal website of party leader, Amar Ghoul.
  • Observations: The party leader was a member of the MSP and minister in previous governments. He founded the TAJ as a non-Islamist party. Amar Ghoul is one of the politicians that is occupying the political limelight (for example, as champion of the issue of a fourth term for President Bouteflika) during the extended period in which the FLN and RND are undergoing leadership changes and internal difficulties.