Movement of Society for Peace / Hamas

  • Name: حركة مجتمع السلم (Arabic), Mouvement de la société pour la paix (French), Movement of Society for Peace (English). The party is still often referred to by its former name, Hamas.
  • Year founded: 1990
  • Ideology: Islamist
  • Current leader & function:  Bouguerra Soltani (president) - has announced his upcoming resignation. Abderrezak Mokri is the current Secretary General after the 5th party congress elected him in May 2013.
  • Number of seats in parliament (lower house): See observations
  • Currently in government or in opposition: In opposition
  • Legal status: Legal political party
  • Link to official party website:
  • Observations: The MSP was a constant part of the coalition of parties in government for fifteen years between 1997 and 2012, with its electoral support in steady decline over those years. It is as such widely considered the Islamist party "of the regime". In January 2012 it took the somewhat odd decision of quitting the "presidential alliance" in government while still retaining its place in the government - probably as a means of casting itself as an opposition party before the elections.
  • As it was, in the 2012 elections the MSP ran as part of a coalition of three Islamist parties called the Green Algeria Alliance, winning 49 seats in the lower house. It opted not to join the government.