Islamic Action Front

  • Name: جبهة العمل الإسلامي Jabhat al-'Amal al-Islami (Arabic), Islamic Action Front (English)
  • Year founded: 1992
  • Ideology: Islamist
  • Current leader & function: Sheikh Hamzeh Mansour
  • Number of seats in parliament: None, the IAF boycotted the 2010 & 2013 elections
  • Currently in government or in opposition: In opposition
  • Legal status: Legal political party
  • Link to official party website:
  • Observations: The political party of the Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the IAF is the only solid political party in Jordan with a genuine support base. It has boycotted several general elections in protest at what it deems the unfree and unfair electoral system. When it has participated it has been by far the most successful party.