Talaie El Houriat

  • Name - Original language & name in English: حزب طلائع الحريات or Talaie El Houriat (Arabic), The Vanguard of Freedoms Party (English)
  • Year founded: Founded in 2014, legalised in September 2015.
  • Ideology:  Reformist, Nationalist
  • Current leader & function: Ali Benflis (president)
  • Number of seats in parliament (lower house): None (party founded post elections)    
  • Currently in government or in opposition: Opposition
  • Legal status: Legal party
  • Link to official party websitehttp://www.th-dz.org/ 
  • Observations: Party founded by ex-prime minister, ex-FLN secretary general, and ex-presidential candidate (2004 and 2014) Ali Benflis. The party is partly an attempt to bring together into a political movement those who supported Benflis' 2014 presidential campaign, partly a means to keep Benflis relevant as an opposition figure.