President Erdoğan says press freedom not unlimited

Todays Zaman
Publication date: 
Jan 10 2016

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a statement on Friday to mark Working Journalists Day and said a country’s democracy is as strong as the extent to which its media and journalists are free to do their jobs, but added that exercising that the ability to exercise that freedom should not be construed as constituting exemption from responsibilities.

The president also emphasized that those powerful states have a strong media that allows different voices to flourish with a mechanism functioning effectively supported by multi-colored elements. “The media should be independent and the level of democracy in a country is shown by the extent to which the media, journalists and media employees are free. However, this freedom should not be commented as being exempted from all responsibilities. What it matters is that people having access to true and objective news.” Many social media users lambasted Erdoğan’s message, describing his remarks as insincere and accusing him of being responsible for the pressure on journalists and media outlets in Turkey.