Keeping Sudan on List of Countries Sponsoring Terrorism is Political Move, Foreign Affairs

Sudan Vision Daily
Publication date: 
Jun 06 2016

Sudan government has rejected US Department of State  annual report on terrorism that keeping Sudan in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, the ministry of Foreign Affairs stated a communiqué on Sunday criticizing US stances.

“Sudan Foreign Affairs expresses Dissatisfaction on US Department of State keeping the country in the list sponsoring terrorism according to the 2015 annual report” said the statement.

Keeping Sudan in the list is a political move that contradicts US reports on Sudanese cooperation and positive roles in combating terror
 “What happened is politicization” because Sudan has cooperated ‘Effectively’ with US and with international community alongside its crucial role in countering terrorism throughout the region added the communiqué.

Sudan has participated as an active member in partnership group included US East African countries which founded in 2009 the report has “Acknowledged Sudanese cooperation” in combating terrorism and fundamentalism continued the statement.
US has kept Sudan as a terrorist country at the time that Sudan hosts a large number of refugees and fighting terror in the region and combating human trafficking the matter that “Appreciated by number of western countries”.

The government of Sudan reiterates its rejection to the move; Sudan assured its commitment to counter terrorism in partnership with international community.  

Mohamed Abdalla