Dr. Amin: No Justification UNAMID Military Wing

Sudan Vision
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Jun 09 2016

The President of the Office of Darfur Peace Follow-up, Dr. Amin Hassan Omer has described the recent conditions of Sadiq Al Mahdi in Johannesburg with regards to signing the road map as step backwards and will not push him forward and if he is willing to join the peace process the doors are open.

Dr. Amin said in a dialogue with Sudan News Agency (SUNA)  to be published today Thursday “ we have previously met Sadiq Al Mahdi in Addis Ababa and we did not hear from him such conditions  therefore we will not take his talk seriously  and if he wants to make conditions there is no place for conditions”

He affirmed that Sadiq Al Mhadi and the leaders of the armed movements who we previously met in Addis Ababa were willing to sign peace in a collective manner although they haven’t one vision while the Sudan’s People’s Libration Movement was not willing to sign because the south and Salva Kiir don’t want that in this phase because the signing means the dismantling and fracturing of the two divisions, the division nine and ten which Salva Kiir depends on in settling his interior battles.

Responding to a question on whether there is a need for the stay of UNAMID after the developments in Darfur, he said there is no need for the stay of the military wing of UNAMID  and the African Union in Darfur because they no longer have tasks to do.
He added that the job of UNAMID military wing is protecting citizens but it failed to do its job  and its forces was continuously exposed to attacks  noting that it was practically proved that there is  no justification for its stay.

Regarding the civil side of UNAMID Dr. Amin elaborated that the government is open for talks with the mission to reach an understanding on gradual pull out of military forces starting with the safe regions  then arranging for the exit of the military forces provided UNAMID start early revival operation because the peace operation aims to early revival operation.

He further outlined that UNAMID is well aware as per the agreement of hosting forces that it is bound to talk with the government on the strategy of exiting and it did not enter so as not to exit it entered to exit.

Sudan Vision

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