S. Sudan’s opposition party warns of disintegration

Sudan Tribune
Publication date: 
Jun 21 2016

The leader of South Sudan’s opposition People’s Liberal Party (PLP), Peter Mayen Majongdit said the young nation was at the verge of collapsing unless the international community rescues it.

“External intervention is necessary before it is too late,” warned the outspoken opposition party chairman.

“Am appealing to the leaders of government of national unity to harmonize their leadership and forget the past, only spirit of cooperation and harmonization on the leadership shall pave ways for reconciliation which is powerful tool in rebuilding the country,” he added.

In his advocacy, Majongdit also urged the country’s leaders to make open appeals for international assistance, given the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the young nation.

South Sudan is faced with nationwide strike by civil servants and university lecturers over non-payment of salaries. The situation, analysts argued, could spark unrest in the country.

“It is high time we accepted facts in the country and work out ways by openly calling for help,” said the PLP leader.

He also appealed to the leaders in the coalition government to openly discuss with the donor communities and devise ways of saving the nation from possible collapse.

According to Majongdit, the weak local currency and scarcity of foreign currencies in both the black markets and in commercial banks were signs of a collapsing economy.

Sudan Tribune

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