Authorities impose curfew in Western Lakes capital

Sudan Tribune
Publication date: 
Jun 22 2016

Authorities in South Sudan’ Western Lakes state, have imposed a curfew in the capital, Rumbek from 7:00pm to 7:00am [local time] every day.

The move, a senior state official said, is part of a new security measure aimed at controlling revenge killings and lootings in Rumbek town.

The state council of ministers, in a security briefing to the governor, said Rumbek was to be divided into four zones. Each zone has a commander to quell down insecurity.

The council of minister also sanctioned travelers and those who often walked at night to avoid risks during curfew time.

“We imposed curfew from 7pm-7am. This is to avoid suspected criminals who cause havoc in town by killing innocent people. Anybody walking at night must carry his or her Identification card with reasonable justification that forces him to walk beyond curfew hours,” Daniel Dut, the state information and culture minister said Tuesday.

Rumbek, the minister said, has in recent days been calm and the curfew introduced helped solve several problems.

He urged the public to cooperate with security organs in the state.

“We need cooperation. The public and security [organs] have to work together to restore calm in Rumbek. If anybody violates the curfew, it will be punishable,” said Dut.

Sudan Tribune