Former PM Keita holds lead in Mali vote

Jul 30 2013

Former Malian Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita holds a comfortable lead and could win an outright first-round victory in the West African nation's presidential election, according to preliminary results released by a government official.

The final result should be announced later on Wednesday. 

Keita's rivals immediately rejected the partial results, calling for the minister of territorial administration, who is in charge of the elections and made the statement on Tuesday, to resign and an international commission to be established to tally the vote.

Peaceful presidential election in Mali

Jul 29 2013
Deutsche Welle

Mali's first election since the coup in March 2012 are intended to mark the country's return to the international community. Initial reports say there were few serious problems - and no violence in the north.

Election day in Bamako meant an early rise for many Malians: from early Sunday morning, long queues formed in front of polling stations. In the district of Badalabougou, a group of voters was standing around election worker Dialankoun Keita as he explained the procedure before the polls opened.

Mali: UN approves new UN peacekeeping force, Minusma

Apr 25 2013

The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution to create a UN peacekeeping force for Mali.

The 12,600-strong force is intended incorporate some 6,000 West African soldiers already in the country.

The resolution was proposed by France, which intervened militarily in January to drive out Islamist militants from Mali's northern desert region.

The UN force is to deploy at the beginning of July before planned nationwide elections.

Oumar Mariko entendu dans l’affaire des bérets rouges

Feb 12 2013

Le Service de sécurité a procédé cet après-midi à l’interpellation du politicien Oumar Mariko afin de faire une mise au point sur son implication dans l’agissement des frondeurs de l’ex régiment para.

« C’est à la suite de preuves irréfutables réunies contre l’ancien leader estudiantin et président du Parti SADI qu’il a été convoqué en début de journée, mais il a tout simplement récusé cette invitation arguant qu’il n’a point besoin de répondre à aucune autorité du pays ».

Les députés votent la feuille de route pour la transition

Jan 30 2013

Les députés de l’Assemblée nationale malienne ont adopté, à l’unanimité, ce mardi 29 janvier, la mise en place d’une feuille de route politique pour l’après-guerre. Présentée par le Premier ministre malien Diango Cissoko, la feuille de route propose que le pays recouvre son intégrité territoriale avant d'organiser des élections.