Rubén Ruiz

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Research Associate

Rubén Ruiz Ramas (English)

Research and Teaching Fellow, Department of Political Science and of the Administration at  the UNED.

Research Associate in the Department of International Studies at City University London.

Coordinator of the network research on the Eurasian world:




-          PhD in Political Science, UNED, Spain.


-          MA in Constitutional Law and Political Science at the Political and Constitutional Studies Centre (CEPC), Madrid, Spain, 2007.


-          MA in Political Sciences, sub-programme: “Political processes in Eastern Europe and the CIS Countries”, UNED, Madrid, Spain, 2008.


-          MA in Education and Pedagogy, University of Zaragoza, 2004.


-          BA in History, University of Zaragoza, Spain, 2003




Research Lines

 -    Post-Soviet political regimes and electoral processes.

 -    Political Instability and Revolutions in the post-Soviet area.

 -    The persistence of informal institutions in the post-Soviet area.






Specialist in: