Algérie: le Parlement adopte la réforme constitutionnelle avant un référendum

Ecofin Agency
Publication date: 
Sep 14 2020

Ecofin Agency) - The Algerian Parliament has adopted a draft relating to the revision of the Constitution. On Saturday, September 12, the Council of the Nation, which is the upper house of Parliament, gave its approval for constitutional reform; a few days after the National People's Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) gave its green light.

 A total of 127 lawmakers voted yes for the adoption of the draft with only one abstention. Out of a total of 144 seats, 128 deputies participated in the vote. Thanks to this new favorable vote, the procedure for revising the Constitution can now be submitted to a direct vote of the Algerian people.


As a reminder, the reform was initiated several months ago by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to set a more “consensual” Constitution that takes into account the demands of Algerian youth -symbolized in particular by the Hirak movement. “The change demanded by the popular Hirak is certainly a peaceful one, but it's a radical change that requires a revision of the Constitution, which is the foundation of the state,” the head of state said.


According to the authorities, the draft will be submitted to a popular referendum on 1 November “so that the people can say their last word in complete freedom.” It is presented in the form of a preamble and seven chapters and provides for the appointment of a Prime Minister from the majority party in Parliament.


Moutiou Adjibi Nourou