Law Makers Warn the Prime Minister Renaming Former Ministers

Shabelle Media Network
Publication date: 
Jan 13 2014

 Somali federal parliamentarians have warned the newly appointed Prime Minister Dr. Abdiwali Sheikh not to include former ministers who were among the failed cabinet in his plans to name his own new cabinet.

"Some of the former cabinet members told us that they can no longer hold the responsibility anymore and proposed the motion against the former premier (Shirdon), why are they coming back to us and asking us for posts?" said Mp's in a joint voice.

A motion against the renaming of the former cabinet members by his Excellency Abdiwali Sheikh is set to take place on Tuesday after yesterdays' debate whereby a handful majority proposed the motion.

The MP's warned that they will not validate or pass a cabinet that consists of the former failed government. However, Mohamed Ibraahim Haabsade , a veteran politician and a current member of parliament is one among the few ministers who are advising the P.M to include some former cabinet members.