Somalia, Somaliland Sign Agreement in Istanbul

Publication date: 
Jan 20 2014

The Somali federal government and Somaliland regional administration concluded their latest round of talks in Istanbul Sunday (January 19th), signing an agreement to hold another meeting in 90 days and to form a secretariat in Istanbul that will oversee the ongoing negotiations.

The agreement outlines the agenda for future talks, including the peaceful resolution of any and all future disagreements through dialogue, according to a communique signed by Somali Minister of Interior and National Security Abdikarim Hussein Guled and Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis.

The two parties agreed to form a four-member committee that will oversee the management of the country's airspace.

They also acknowledged the atrocities committed by the Somali government before the civil war in 1991. "We condemn the atrocities committed by that regime throughout all Somali people particularly the people in Somaliland," the communique said.

Guled said his government's aim was to keep Somalia united.

"Our main aim to carry out these talks with our brothers in the north is to keep the nation united as it is the main responsibility of the federal government," Guled said after signing communique, according to Somalia's RBC.