Demonstrations supporting new Governor & Mayor of Mogadishu

Shabelle News
Publication date: 
Feb 28 2014


The decreed from the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia announcing the new Governor of Banaadir region and Mayor of Mogadishu as General Mungaab, different members of the community in Mogadishu have welcomed the new declaration.

The locals who spoke on the microphone mentioned that they view Muungaab as an individual with vision to combat the problems Mogadishu is facing and prayed that God will be by his side.

The citizens of Mogadishu have said they are 100% satisfied to welcome the new mayor and conveyed that they will work with Governor Muungaab.

General Muungaab was announced as Governor of Banaadir & Mayor of Mogadishu due to the increase of insecurity attacks in Mogadishu.


Autor: Maalik Eng