Ministers welcome new Governor

Shabelle News
Publication date: 
Mar 03 2014

Ministers from the Somali government participated in a ceremony welcoming the new Governor of Banaadir & Mayor of Mogadishu, General Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab.

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Somali government, Ms Fahmo Ahmed Nur was first to talk at the event mentioning that her Ministry is to stand beside the new Governor of Banaadir to work alongside each other respectively.

Furthermore the State Minister of Finance, Abdullahi Mohamed Nur also stated that they will support Mr Muungaab and his administration and during Muungaab’s time as Judge of the Military Tribunal Court, he ignited fear in the people and also among the soldiers.

Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab, the Governor of Banaadir & Mayor of Mogadishu’s administration is expected to increase effort and work to sustain the peace of Mogadishu’s community and its development.


Autor: Maalik Eng