Somali govt. warns of disruptions in Baidoa

Shabelle News
Publication date: 
Mar 04 2014

The Minister of Interior of the Somali Federal government, Mr Abdullahi Godax Barre spoke to Radio VOA and warned of the disruptions and problems in Baidoa.

The Minister’s speech came yesterday there was a conference in Baidoa (among a series of other gatherings) where Madoobe Nuunow Mohamed was elected to serve as president of the  new South-Western 6 region state.

“Madoobe Nuuno is a very good Somali politician and I have no doubt of his capability, but there were reports that he compromised out agreement with the Interim Jubba Administration.” Said the Minister of Interior of the Federal government of Somalia, Abdullahi Godax Barre

During the conference on state formation for the 6 regions yesterday, Mr Madoobe Nuunow was elected as president of the South-Western state who held various positions in the government including the Interim Jubba Administration in Kismaayo.


Autor: Maalik Eng