MP’s welcome govt. decision over conferences in Baidoa

Shabelle News
Publication date: 
Mar 05 2014

Members of the Somali Parliament of the Federal government of Somalia have welcomed the official decision made by the government on the various rival conferences going on in Baidoa, one of them that have already been concluded.

Mr Macalin Jiis, one of the MP’s commented to Radio Shabelle in Mogadishu that the government is supporting the right path for federalism which in this case is the formation of the 3 region statebeing created in Baidoa.

“The government supports this conference and is participating in it to elect a leader that can lead the community of the South-Western state.”

A notice has come out from the Ministry of Interior of the Federal government mentioning that the administration of the 6 region state has already breached previous contracts made with the Somali government.


Autor: Maalik Eng