Muungaab titled Governor in official ceremony

Shabelle News
Publication date: 
Mar 05 2014

A huge occasion to handover the official title of the ‘Governor of Banaadir & Mayor of Mogadishu’ was held today in Mogadishu with various speeches from the ex-Governor of Banaadir, Mahamud Ahmed Nuur Tarsan, the new Governor of Banaadir and the Minister of Interior of the Somali government.

First to speak was Mahamud Ahmed Nuur Tarsan, the ex-Governor of Banaadir & Mayor of Mogadishu who gave a recount of all the projects and schemes he had implemented during his time as mayor and described that the instilled new changes in the districts of Banaadir.

Furthermore the new Governor and Mayor, Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab gave a small lecture promising and pledging to the citizens of Mogadishu that he will execute his new responsibilities efficiently and perform vast positive changes with request of full cooperation from the people and the government’s security agencies.

Finally, the Interior Minister of the Somali Federal government, Abdullahi Godax Barre at the same time concluded the ceremony and demanded the new Governor to undertake his new responsibilities successfully.


Autor: Maalik Eng