Handover ceremony held in Mogadishu

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Apr 06 2014

A handover ceremony was held today in Mogadishu whereby a new district commissioner of Kaaraan was appointed.

The previous commissioner Ali Alasow gave a lecture informing the crowd of all the projects he implemented and positive changes that he promoted in the district.

“I successfully accomplished improving the security conditions of Kaaraan to make it a peaceful district.” He said

The never district commissioner of Kaaraan Ahmed Hassan Yalahow, declared that his new administration will prioritize security and support for the community.

The Governor of Benadir & the Mayor of Mogadishu has already issued a decree to replace most commissioners and handover ceremonies have already been held for some districts.


Autor: Maalik Eng

Source/Fuente: http://shabelle.net/?p=18208