Opposition lawmakers back Duale's criticism of police crackdown in Eastleigh

Publication date: 
Apr 10 2014

Lawmakers from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) opposition party showed rare support for Majority Leader and Garissa Township parliamentarian Aden Duale on Wednesday (April 9th) when they praised his criticisms of the government's crackdown in Eastleigh and the mass arrests of Somalis.

"We don't share the same party with Duale, some of us do not support him in many aspects including his uncalled for and unnecessary defence of a failing Jubilee Coalition administration, but we agree with him that the process that the administration is using in Eastleigh is not acceptable," said ODM lawmaker John Mbadi of Suba, according to Kenya's Capital FM.

Suna East lawmaker Junet Mohammed said targeting Somalis "may end up even radicalising many more Muslim youths who may feel disenfranchised by this particular government " and also could lead to xenophobic attacks against Somalis.

Duale threatened to withdraw his support for the Jubilee Coalition government over the crackdown, calling the arrests "arbitrary", Kenya's The Standard reported. His statements prompted calls for his resignation from within the coalition.

Duale said his support for Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto remains intact, but he will continue to defend the rights of all Kenyans.

"The Muslim community is fully in support of the war on terrorism but we are totally against situations where security agents arrest our people indiscriminately," he said Tuesday according to the Daily Nation.


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