Analysis: Israeli vote least of neighbors' worries

21 Ene 2013
Jerusalem Post

Israel's elections have aroused minimal interest from Middle Eastern states who once scrutinized such votes for clues about the fate of the so-called peace process.

Whether they endorsed US-backed negotiations with the Palestinians or were out to sabotage them, regional powers would see Israeli polls at least as significant straws in the wind.

Women’s chances in polls expected to slightly improve

20 Ene 2013
The Jordan Times

Analysts and activists predicted on Sunday that at least two women might win outside the 15-seat women’s quota in Wednesday’s parliamentary elections.

“I expect that this time four or five women might win seats outside the quota because several women have proven themselves in the previous House and they have strong bases that will re-elect them without the need for a quota,” said Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan Musa Shteiwi.

"L’amendement de la Constitution, aux personnes compétentes", affirme Djaballah

19 Ene 2013
El Moudjahid

Le président du parti du Front de la justice et du développement, M. Abdallah Djaballah, a appelé hier à Alger à confier l’amendement de la Constitution aux personnes compétentes qui représentent différents courants activant dans le pays afin que la nouvelle constitution bénéficie « d’un consensus national. »

Road to parliamentary gov’ts requires genuine belief, full implementation

19 Ene 2013
The Jordan Times

Gradual transition to a constitutional monarchy is a one-way road, but it requires active political parties that can win voters’ confidence through adopting practical and workable programmes touching on the public’s needs and national interests, analysts said on Saturday.

This was a point highlighted by His Majesty King Abdullah in his second discussion paper released last week.

Sudan lodges three complaints against Uganda with African regional blocs

17 Ene 2013
Sudan Tribune

The Sudanese government filed a series of complaints against Uganda with the African Union (AU), Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), an official in Khartoum said today.

The Undersecretary of Sudan’s foreign ministry Rahmatallah Mohamed Osman said that his government accused Kampala of trying to overthrow the regime and embracing anti-Khartoum rebel movements.

EC to appoint observers from Asean for 13th General Election

16 Ene 2013
The Star Online

The Election Commission (EC) will appoint observers from several Asean countries to monitor the coming general election, said EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

The EC, through a selected panel set up on the advice of Wisma Putra, was expected to appoint observers from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand, apart from several observers from the Asean secretariat itself, he said.

Choques violentos entre la policía y miles de manifestantes en Islamabad

15 Ene 2013
El país

Unas 50.000 personas han salido este martes a las calles de Islamabad (Pakistán) para responder a la llamada del líder religioso sufí Mohammad Tahirul Qadri, que exige la disolución del Gobierno y ha pedido a la sociedad paquistaní que se movilice contra la corrupción política. La multitud ha inundado el centro de Islamabad hasta que se ha producido un violento enfrentamiento con la policía.