Election committee bars Lieberman's party from distributing Charlie Hebdo

04 Feb 2015

Israel's Central Elections Committee (CEC) forbade Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party from distributing free copies of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Channel 2 television reported Wednesday.

CEC head and Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran issued a decree late Wednesday against the distribution, accepting a request of a list of Arab parties, who argued that the copies of the last edition, which carry a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, are offensive to Muslims.

Los partidos árabes concurrirán juntos por primera vez a elecciones israelíes

25 Ene 2015
La Vanguardia y EFE

Jerusalén, 25 ene (EFE).- Los partidos de la minoría árabe de Israel concurrirán, por primera vez en la historia política local, en una lista conjunta después de alcanzar un acuerdo que negociaban desde hace semanas, informa hoy el diario Haaretz.

El acuerdo, gestionado con la ayuda de dirigentes y ancianos de esta comunidad de 1,5 millones de personas (20 % de la población de Israel), supone un hito en la historia política del país, y podría convertirse en uno de los principales grupos parlamentarios del Parlamento (Kneset).

Israel's Presidential Elections: The Candidates

09 Jun 2014
Israel National News

With less than 24 hours to go before Israel's new president is declared, Arutz Sheva provides a brief biography of each of the candidates still in the running for the largely symbolic - yet highly prestigious - post.

The vote will take place in the Knesset, not as part of a general election, with the candidate receiving an absolute majority of MKs' votes taking the spot. If no candidate receives an absolute majority the Knesset votes again in a run-off between the top two candidates.

MK Reuven "Ruby" Rivlin

Netanyahu tries again to derail Rivlin presidency bid

23 Mayo 2014
Al Monitor

In one of their many points of friction, presidential hopeful and Knesset member Reuven Rivlin heard that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara accused him of involvement in the choice of journalist Rino Tzror as one of the torch lighters at Israel’s Independence Day ceremony. The ceremony panel that picked the veteran, respected journalist explained that through his work Tzror “serves as a mouthpiece for those citizens who feel they are on the margins of society in Israel and raises pointed human dilemmas and painful social problems.”

Israeli parliament to choose new president on June 10

19 Mayo 2014
Al Arabiya News

Israeli lawmakers will elect a successor to outgoing President Shimon Peres on June 10, parliamentary speaker Yuli Edelstein told reporters on Monday.

Edelstein's announcement marks the official start of the race for the position, which has been held by Peres since 2007.

Candidates must receive the backing of at least 10 other MPs, and formally present their requests in writing to the speaker on May 27, Edelstein said.

In Israel, the post of president is largely ceremonial and executive power rests with the prime minister.

Lieberman’s downfall

01 Mayo 2014
Your Middle East

Without a distinct ideology and losing the support of Israel’s ultra-right, the days of Lieberman dominating political headlines and telecasts of Eretz Nehedert may soon be over, argues Aaron Magid.

On the night of the 2009 election, as Avigdor Lieberman’s party jumped to unprecedented power with 15 seats, the popular Israeli satirical show Eretz Nehederet depicted Lieberman ominously.

Both Benjamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni huddled around Lieberman begging for his support while Lieberman surrounded by black clad bodyguards shot at Netanyahu’s foot to grab his attention.

Netanyahu anuncia que promoverá ley para afianzar el estatus judío de Israel

01 Mayo 2014
La Vanguardia

El primer ministro israelí, Benjamín Netanyahu, anunció hoy sus planes de promover una legislación para afianzar el carácter judío del Estado de Israel como estado nacional del pueblo judío.

"Es mi intención presentar una legislación básica a la Knesset (Parlamento israelí) que provea de base constitucional al estatus de Israel como estado nacional del pueblo judío", manifestó Netanyahu en una ceremonia celebrada en el Salón de Independencia de Tel Aviv, lugar donde se leyó la declaración del 14 de mayo de 1948.

Netanyahu said to seek public presidential elections

19 Feb 2014
Times of Israel

The next president of Israel may be chosen by the general public instead of members of Knesset, a radio report said Wednesday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is weighing the possibility of amending the law to allow the move, Army Radio reported. The identity of President Shimon Peres’s successor — Israel’s tenth president — is currently set to be determined by the Knesset in late April.